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2020/2021 Programme

Please note that the information below is subject to change

Due to current restrictions on meeting face to face, all meetings are currently being held by Zoom at 7.30pm

Programme 2020 – 2021


2020 7.30pm 7.30pm
10 September   Business and AGM
24 September Renal Unit, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow  
8 October Business

My life and work

Sheena McDonald

22 October Renfrewshire Foodbank – Elizabeth Alexander

Rekz Community Fridge

12 November Business

Cards for Christmas

26 November Toilet Twinning
3 December Business



10 December Christmas ‘party’
14 January Business

Silent Auction (TBC)

28 January Message of Hope – ending polio in Africa

Rona Morrison 

11 February Business

Club Review

25 February East to West

Vivienne McDonald

11 March The Woodland Trust Business


25 March Ethiopia Medical Project
8 April Business

Let’s go Touring

22 April The Lady on the £10 Note
13 May Business and AGM

Club Review

27 May The Origins of Expressions
10 June Business

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