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Renfrewshire Women’s Aid

At a recent meeting Marianne, Refuge Support Worker, Renfrewshire Women’s Aid, raised our awareness of the new legislation, Domestic Abuse Scotland Act Jan 2019, which now replaces Legislation that was 20 years old and recognises Coercive Abuse as well as Physical and Sexual Abuse. It also allows for the charge of Domestic Violence to be made rather than GBH or Breach of The Peace. Children are now also recognised as experiencing Domestic Abuse in this whole situation. The new Legislation captures the lived in experience of women experiencing Domestic Abuse and is expected to make a huge difference to the lives of women who are being abused.



 One of our members was going through some papers when clearing out the home of a relative and found the hand written words below – she agreed they should be shared as they seem so appropriate to today’s world

” I believe in the light even when the sun does not shine 

 I believe in Love even when it is not given 

 I believe in God even though his voice is silent “

written in a child’s hand and found in an air raid shelter in Cologne