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Chocolate Oranges and Hats for Charity

We’re so pleased to support Peterborough charity No Gain, No Pain UK (NGNP UK) with their fundraising efforts by donating chocolate oranges and hand-knitted covers!

The chocolate and their cute hats!

Each chocolate orange and their cute hats (knitted by Ann, Moira and Judy) will be sold to raise money to go towards buying syringe drivers (medical pain control devices) for our local area.

If you’re in Peterborough and would like to buy one, you can contact NGNP UK direct via their Facebook page here.

What is a syringe driver?

In short, a syringe driver is a device used in palliative care. It is a box that is attached to the patient by a needle, through which drugs can be administered giving a constant flow of pain relief. Without these devices, patients have to wait for a nurse to attend to administer countless injections every time they are in pain. This causes distress to the patient and their family. It means a lot of waiting about when time is crucial for someone in pain. These devices can also help people remain at home instead of needing to go into hospital or a hospice in their final days as their pain can be successfully managed.

Click here to find out more about NGNP UK.