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Despite the Pandemic We……………………..


So, what did we get up to during 2020 with all the restrictions?

Well – quite a lot considering.

We sent letters to Government Ministers and local MPs regarding the amendment to the proposed Domestic Violence Abuse Bill re the new offence of non-fatal strangulation.

Members supported the local hospice –  St Catherine’s Hospice in Lostock Hall.  One member undertook clerical work from home (mailshot for the lottery/transferring entries from their Remembrance Book on to an on-line format) and helps regularly at the cafe with the takeaway system.  Two Club members took part in the virtual Moonlight & Memories walk raising circa £500.00

We continue to support Partners in Education Swaziland (PIES).  Two members are trustees and five sponsor a child’s education.

We have two Domestic Violence Refuges in the area.  We provided  them with ‘Welcome’ packs of toiletries/underwear, pyjamas and chocolate selection boxes.  One club member is a representative on the Lancashire Domestic Abuse Forum.

We collected items of non-perishable food and gave a donation of £200 to the local Salvation Army for the foodbank.

International Women’s Day 2020.   Members joined a walk organised by the City Council around the area the famous Suffragette, Edith Rigby, lived.  This helped raise the profile of women and also Soroptimism.

One  club member is a member of the Pan Lancashire Anti-Slavery organisation and attended Zoom meetings.

We were unable to organise our annual Christmas Bag pack filling bags with  toiletries and chocolate for the homeless but we did what we could by delivering everything needed to fill 30 bags.

We sent cards and letters to residents of local care homes under the Cards for Kindness banner.

So, despite everything, we tried our best to keep busy and support as many organisations as we could.