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World Environment Day

Learning about Conservation of Medicinal Plants  June 2013
Learning about Conservation of Medicinal Plants
June 2013
Tree Plantation at QMTI
Tree Plantation at QMTI

To mark the World Environment Day – 5th June, Tree planting was done by SI Poona members at Queen Mary’s Technical Institute on 30th June. In addition, on 15th June, a talk on Herbal Plants was delivered by Ms. Poorva Joshi to SI Poona.

Poorva, owner of Bio Concepts, Pune – a firm working in Projects, Consulting and Training in plant conservation and sustainable development, is an energetic young woman, extremely passionate about Environmental Awareness and Education. Her talk was on the vast variety of medicinal plants and herbs available in our country and the urgent need to conserve them. She had also brought a variety of these plants to demonstrate and explain their uses in prevention and treatment of various ailments. She gave useful tips on how to grow and care for them in our own gardens and answered questions by the audience with great enthusiasm which impressed all members.