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How Can We Measure Food Poverty In Rossendale?

Will you help us measure food poverty in Rossendale?

38.17% of children in Rossendale live in poverty

Every day in the UK people are going hungry because they cannot afford to eat. However, MPs don’t know how big the scale of this problem is because, surprisingly, they do not collect statistics on how many people can’t afford to eat or worry about where their next meal is coming from.

But we have a chance to change this and we need your help. Please will you write to your MP to ask them to support this bill? We’ve included the details of MPs from Rossendale on our poster food poverty petition request.

Food poverty graphic from Take Action To End Hunger UKWhen you’ve written to your MP asking them to support this bill please will you let us know? Rossendale Soroptimists have chosen this activity as one of the ways that we will support the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October 2018. We would like to be collect data on what the Rossendale Valley has done to help measure food poverty.

Thank you.

Will You Help Us Measure Food Poverty In Rossendale?

If you would like to find out more, please contact SI Rossendale.