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Scarborough Notelets

During the Pandemic years 2020/21, the club had to be imaginative as to how to pursue Programme Action, when members couldn’t meet face to face or more than six in a room. It has always been important to involve all club members in activities where possible.

Many members enjoy taking photographs and it was decided to use member’s photos of Scarborough to create notelets that could be sold for fund raising for the club’s charities, while also increasing awareness of the club.

Members were asked to submit photos, copies of which were then circulated to all members, who voted for their favourite six pictures.

The top six photos were made into notelets and sold in packets of six for £5.00, although some people preferred six of the same photo. The notelets were sold personally by club members and also the packs are sold on SI Scarborough Information tables at various events.

If anyone would like to purchase some notelets, please contact Angela Edwards on