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A Sunday To Remember – Visit by SIGBI Director of PR and Marketing, Nisha Ghosh

It was finally Sunday 21st August 2022 and our excitement had reached a pinnacle as it was the day we were meeting our SIGBI Director of PR and Marketing and Soroptimist Sister, Nisha Ghosh from SI Pune Metro East. Our club members had meticulously planned a fun filled day to share with her small pieces of SIAN and by extension South Trinidad.

The morning started at the Wild Fowl Trust, where we introduced Nisha to our latest project, our Pollinator Garden. This project spoke to the importance of pollinators and their crucial role in our ecosystem. It was the passion to the environment that inspired some of members to spearhead this project and it was truly a success. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing this garden with Nisha as it showcased a product of one of our club’s ideals; choosing projects which our members are passionate about while educating, empowering and enabling women and young girls.

For lunch we next headed over to club member, Rachelle’s home to tantalize our guest with local Trini cuisine where more of our SIAN members met us. We were able to share a lovely meal together with Nisha and have her experience some our home cooked foods like callaloo and desserts like pone. Our members were able to chat openly with Nisha which stimulated discussions on various topics. We learnt so much that afternoon from her as a Club. She shared wise advice on succession planning and the idea of members learning both administrative and programme action roles at an executive level. She spoke of her time as the founding President of her club and she explained the importance of friendship amongst our national clubs. Nisha’s next role will be as national SI president for India and she spoke of her aim of educating her members of the SIGBI’s history and goals with the hopes to inspire more sisterhood.

Our monthly business meeting was next on the agenda and it was truly a special one with Nisha’s presence and contributions. President Ahhalia navigated us expertly through the meeting with both members attending virtually and those in person. We participated in a team building activity which fostered fun and friendship. Towards the completion of the meeting, we presented Nisha with small tokens from our club and photographs were taken to remember this memorable day.

Lastly, we took Nisha to a short visit to San Fernando Hill which we made a special effort to do  in light of the fact that Anaparima means Single Hill in Amerindian and is also another name for San Fernando Hill. We were proud to show her our landscape and she was able to appreciate our beautiful city from the Hill.

We wished Nisha all the best on the remainder of her trip and thanked her for sharing her day with us and that ended our Sunday to Remember.

Written by Malini Bachan