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Breast Cancer Awareness 2022 – I wear Pink

A simple old fashioned rocking chair has become our most beloved piece of furniture, although it stands out completely from anything we own…it’s somehow the very centre of our home.
I wear pink for my grandmother, who despite successfully beating breast cancer died from aggressive metastatic recurrence. The glue that held our family together, the sparkle of our Christmas and Mother’s Day forever lost to a disease that affects 1 in 8 women worldwide.
Though it is 15 years after her death and the age old saying that time heals all the loss has never really lessened. Her rocking chair is still our favourite spot and it never fails to bring a smile and sense of comfort and peace no matter what the day holds.
It will forever be “moi’s chair” and the best spot to sit and watch anything on zee tv!
I wear pink in support of the mother of one of my best friends, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and is now trying her best to accumulate as much memories and smiles before their family is forever changed. A scenario that may have been different if early screening was done.
I wear pink in support of my coworker who at the age of 60 is now faced with the reality that her 61st birthday may only be a wish. A small lump she attributed to a suspected insect bite that she self treated until it was finally diagnosed as breast cancer.
In a new study, researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) predict that by 2040 the breast cancer cases will increase to more that 3 million new cases per year (an increase of 40%) and more than 1 million deaths per year (an increase of 50%).
Let’s aim to decrease these numbers by having our screenings done today and encourage other women to have theirs done too.
Let’s safeguard our future, ensure that no one misses out on family gatherings, major life events, the little moments of magic that makes life so beautiful.
Wear pink as we support our fighters, admire our survivors, honour our angels and never, ever give up hope!
Written by Vanita Jagai