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Greetings to Conference

Climate for Change - 27th to 29th October 2022

Greetings have been received from:

Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister for Scotland (link to PDF).

Maureen Maguire
President of Soroptimist International

It is an honour and a privilege for me to welcome you to Belfast, my home city. I hope you have a stimulating, inspiring and wonderful Conference.

2022 is an exciting time for Soroptimists.   As we move into our second century, Soroptimists across the world, will continue to grow and adapt, remain motivated, responsive and open to new ideas.   It is very appropriate that we continue to meet, to bring members together in forums like this, so as to ensure our organisation remains at the cutting edge.

The conference theme “Climate for Change” is very appropriate as our world confronts a time of global crises, the global pandemic, climate change and the on-going conflicts in Ukraine and in other parts of the world.   We need to work toward changes that will safeguard a healthy and sustainable tomorrow, for current and future generations, that leaves no-on behind while sharing the burden of change equitably and fairly.  A just transition will help build a better world for humanity and nature.

Connie Mutunhu
President of Soroptimist International Africa

I bring you greetings from across the continent of Africa!! Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on successfully arranging a face-to-face meeting this year after not meeting physically for the last couple of years due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the theme of the conference is very fitting given the trends the world is facing. We have been witnessing long-term shifts in weather patterns. We cannot ignore these weather changes. I am so looking forward to learning more by listening to experiences and studies from the carefully chosen speakers. How do we tackle increases in the levels of greenhouse gases that are produced using fossil fuels? Topical today is the typical change in weather patterns and global warming affecting traditional farming from ages ago. I wish you the best at this conference. I am looking forward to networking and partnering wherever possible.

Stephanie Smith
President of Soroptimist International Americas

On behalf of the members of Soroptimist International of the Americas, I send you warm greetings and congratulations on your 88th Annual Federation Conference.

Your conference theme of “Climate for Change” speaks to the important work that we, as Soroptimists, must continue to keep as a top priority. At the core of our collective work are the women and girls who benefit from programs and projects that focus on their education and health while we serve as a strong voice for gender equality.

Thank you for your leadership and please convey my thanks and gratitude to the SIGBI members for all the amazing work they do in their local and global communities. Working together we will be the change the world needs.

PDF of Letter from Stephanie Smith

Carolien Demey
President of Soroptimist International of Europe


Climate change is, for quite some years, in all our media and  many times stated by all official bodies that we would get used to it, not seeing it any longer as a working point for all of us.

Changing the climate change approach is in the first place changing our mindset: we all feel concerned, yet few are pro-actively engaged in attempting to mitigate it although with many of us in small steps we could take this great leap. Working out a positive mindset towards change in general will lead to a pro-environmental change mindset, leading to a higher frequency of pro-environmental action and the firm belief about its mitigation.

Working on changing mindsets, pro-active attitudes is inextricably linked to education, health and for sure the status of women : the first concerned ànd for once here the first actors. Where education and women come together, the perception the world can be shaped differently is leading to a pro-active mindset and this is where it all starts. This mindset will be lasting longer than the financial incentive when facing skyrocketing energy prices, the mindset can lead to the real climate change, moulded by women!

Christine Johnstone
President of Soroptimist International South East Asia Pacific

As President of Soroptimist International South East Asia Pacific, it is a privilege to be able to attend in person the SIGBI Conference “Climate for Change”. Coming together in friendship to meet in these COVID times, displays our motivation and passion for the ideals of Soroptimist.

The theme “Climate for Change”, will provide opportunities for exchange of ideas, the workshops will flow with our collective energy as we seek new pathways to reach even more women and girls through our projects. Our efforts will provide outcomes for a sustainable organisation On behalf of the members of SISEAP may I wish SIGBI President Cathy and members of SIGBI a thoroughly successful conference, filled with renewed friendship, vigour and passion.