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12th March 2018 – Gill Kirk from Singing for the Brain

On March 12th Gill Kirk inspired us with her passionate and informative talk about the effects of ‘ Singing for the Brain’, supported by the Alzheimer Society.

Gill Kirk on the right of the picture

So many of us these days know friends or family members with memory loss or the onset of Dementia, where the person appears to withdraw into themselves. The idea behind the weekly group singing and movement sessions is that ‘ people can live well with Dementia’ through the power of music, using it as a therapeutic experience.

Research at Reading University has shown the impact music and movement can have on the brain and Gill explained that during the sessions she can see real change in people’s self esteem, as favourite songs are sung; this appears to unlock memory and leads individuals to respond and express emotions in a way they have been unable to do beforehand.

Gill’s inspiring talk demonstrated the importance of music and singing for all of us, from childhood into old age.