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Visit to Lifeskills: One of our charities for the year

A group of our Bristol Soroptimists visited the Lifeskills charity centre based at the Create Centre, Bristol, on 3rd June.

Lifeskills is one of our chosen charities for the year. The visit was organised by President Denise and the team at the centre gave us a very warm welcome. Members of S.I. Bristol are active in the local community both individually and collectively.

Lifeskills aims to show pupils that they should be taking personal responsibility for their own safety. Children learn how to assess risk and cope with difficult situations by taking part in realistic, interactive activities distributed over 19 different rooms which include houses, a road, shop, dark alleyway, a river and a railway line. Visitors can actually experience difficult or dangerous situations, learn from their mistakes in a safe environment and how to deal with them. Volunteer Guides take small groups of children around a realistic “village”. Children must work together to decide how to assess risks and overcome each problem. The centre can accommodate a maximum of 60 children per session and bookings need to be arranged well in advance.

Lifeskills is a registered charity and was opened in January 2000. Since then over 175,000 people have received training there and Lifeskills has gained a solid reputation as a Centre of Excellence for the delivery of safety education and training. Around 13,000 people now receive training in the Centre every year.

We would like to thank Lifeskills for providing us with an enjoyable and interesting visit. We learnt a great deal about this wonderful charity.