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Speaker Meeting 11th September: Welcome to Bridget followed by The M-Shed – Clive Brain


Welcome Bridget: Before our Speaker Meeting we were delighted to welcome Bridget.  We know she will enjoy our programme work and will settle in quickly 



The M Shed  – Clive Brain gave a sparkling talk to us about the M Shed Museum explaining that it’s called that because each shed along the docks was given a letter when Bristol was a working port with boats directed to the relevant one for unloading.     

Clive showed interesting videos of behind the scenes at the museum along with current exhibits – including the double-decker Bristol bus that many of our grandchildren have had fun playing in over the years. 

We learned that the well-known saying ship shape and Bristol Fashion resulted from the roping together of  boats moored alongside each other to provide stability and stop them toppling over because of the Avon’s 11 metre tidal drop. 

Clive also told us of his long involvement with the fire boat Pyronaut, one of 3 boats owned by the museum and for which, at the end of its active life he was Coxwain.  

The possibility of organising a day with the M Shed to include a trip on the Pyronaut (currently being overhauled) and a look behind the scenes of the M Shed certainly whetted our appetites.