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Baby Bonding Squares

Bonding Squares are used by mums whose babies are in a neo-natal unit. A mum is given two squares, one is kept with baby and one is kept on mums body, every 12 hours they are swapped. They help the mother and baby to bond by smell in cases they cannot physically touch.

5 inch Knitting Pattern –knit 2

20 g double knitting wool, 4 mm knitting needles

1. Cast on 28 stitches.
2. Knit 6 rows in garter stitch.
3. Row 7 – Knit
4. Row 8 – Knit 4 stitches, purl to last 4 stitches, k5.
5. Repeat the last 2 rows 11 times more.
6. Complete with a garter border by knitting 5 rows.
7. Cast off.