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Twiddle Cushion

These can be made into cushions or mats. Patterned and fleece fabrics are ideal.

Instructions –

  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 36-40cms square (Back piece need to be a fabric that will not slip when on the persons lap).
  2. Firmly attach a variety of items to the front piece of fabric using machine or hand stitching i.e. zip, beads, bows and ribbons.
  3. A pocket can be sewn onto the front piece to allow a personal photo to be placed inside or special item.
  4. Make up cushion / mat by placing right sides together. Sew 1cm in from edges leaving a gap to turn through.
  5. Turn through to right side and press lightly with an iron.
  6. Fill cushion with synthetic wadding or mat with a piece of flat wadding.
  7. Hand sew gap in cushion/mat by slip stitching.