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Drain bags

These drain bags are used by ladies who have had a mastectomy or other breast operations to hold drip bags .They can only be used once due to the risk of infection so hospitals need a constant supply.


  1. Draw a rectangle shape pattern onto paper 36cm depth and 54cm width.
  2. Pin paper pattern onto fabric. 1cm seam allowance is allowed on side and base of pattern and 4cm for top hem.
  3. Press under 1cm along top edge, then a second turning of 3cm onto wrong side of fabric for top hem.
  4. Pin, tack and machine close to fold.
  5. Fold fabric in half right sides together.
  6. Pin, tack and machine 1cm in from edge along base and side leaving a 2cm gap at the top to allow room for ribbon to be inserted.
  7. Turn through to right side and press.
  8. Insert 1 metre of ribbon