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SI Guernsey achievements 2019-2020

President Delia Anderson-Brown report 2019/2020


Who would ever have thought a year ago that we would be holding our AGM like this?  I applaud all of you who have got to grips with new technology in order to hold this meeting.  I would much rather have been in the Rocquettes Hotel and seen you all in person, perhaps with a glass of wine in my hand!   In most of our lifetimes, we have never seen a year like this and I think there are going to be some difficult times ahead in our community. I know in our capacity as Soroptimists we will be able to put our skills to the fore and help where we are needed.


My year of office started in April 2019 and I had great fun in organising my friendship weekend.  I know that we all enjoyed the Liberation Ball and those who attended did us proud.  I think that we all looked extremely dashing in our 1940 outfits and very flattering!  Our meal at La Reunion was very enjoyable, the weather was suburb and the food delicious.  I know that all our guests enjoyed themselves as I had many thank you letters from the members who came. It was wonderful to meet and entertain Audrey our Regional President and her husband. A special mention must go to our Guest Member Chantal who is a Soroptimist in France.


As always, The Liberation Tea Party was a great success and our guests had a wonderful time. I know that Karen and I sang our hearts out together with the rest of the guests to Alan’s music and we both had tears in our eyes because when you actually read the words of some of the old war songs they are so poignant. It was a very moving experience to witness the different moods in the room as we all remembered.  The scones, jam and cream were also delicious all thanks to Pam and her helpers.  It is such a shame that this event will not be repeated this year especially as it is our 75th year of Liberation.


Socially we have had a bumper crop with one of June’s hosted delicious breakfasts, our Lihou Weekend (shame Karen could not make it), The Tropic Pamper afternoon, Pimms and pampering beach cleans, Sunset Pink Ladies Walk, Defibrillation training from the Cardiac Action Group, our summer outing with Annette Henry and an overnight stay in Herm to name just a few.  One of things that we always say over and over is that Friendship is a big part of our club.


There were three big fund raisers of the year; this included Government House Fete on 20th July and annual quiz.  A well done to our Soroptimisters Ricky and Stewart who ran the bar with such efficiency and good humour. So an amazing £1900 was donated  to my President’s Charity, Changing Faces.  Our deepest thanks must go to Pam West as the main organiser for the Government House Fete, as Karen was unable to organise this.


It always amazes me where all the goodies come from for the Charity Fayre as we wrap the year up.  Pam with her knitted goodies and chutneys, Cathy her cakes, Mary’s jewellery and the rest I think just appears like magic! To be able to raise £1,064.30 in the process is to be applauded

Two of the most interesting guest speakers this year were the Share Nurses and the members who went to Madagascar.  The Share Nurses, who provide all Year 7 girls with environmentally friendly reusable sanitary protection, not only provide products but actually are there to talk to the girls about hygiene and any sexual issues they might have.  I wish that I had had that option when I was growing up! 3 of our members went to Madagascar, Cherry, Sally and Sarah. It was wonderful to hear all about their adventure.


I was proud to be a part of our Elimination of Violence ‘demonstration’ in Market Square on 23rd November and thank Sally especially.  Although a chilly day, to say the least, I think that we did manage to get our message out there.


All thanks to the girls who erected and decorated the Christmas Tree in the Town Church which looked lovely.  The church certainly takes on a magical look at Christmas time and is a joy to behold.


Sue Robilliard represented SIG in December at the Grammar School and presented a 12 year old boy and girl who have made the most progress, with a cheque.  I have done this a couple of times and it is uplifting to see that recognition for achievement is so appreciated by the students.


Sarah has been an absolute star in organising, once again, the World Book Day which was held at the library on 29th February.  It was extremely successful, and the library was packed with happy children and parents choosing books and one of the many cuddly toys that Mary Collins had not only collected but carefully washed and dried.  It was a joy to see the children leaving clutching not only a book but a toy as well.


Over the year we have welcomed some new members to our club: Mary McDermott, Liz Johnson Caitlin Fuller and Rachael Hockey, and it was with great pleasure that I welcomed them to our club. I would like to reflect on 3 members who have not been well during my year, June, Karen and Mary.  June is now recovering well after her stroke and is back to work.  Karen seems finally on the road to recovery after her heart block, but still has some hurdles to cross. We look forward to welcoming her back at some point in 2020. Mary who broke her elbow, which has mended but she was sad to not complete her walking holiday.

During my recent message to you all in these unprecedented times it was wonderful to receive Cherry’s idea of sending some hand cream to the nurses at the hospital and our further efforts to then extend this to the wider caring community.  As we continue into 2020 who knows what is in store for us all and certainly a time none of us could have anticipated.


I must thank all of our members for their hard work throughout the year and especially Shirley, Julia and Karen, without whom I would not have coped.  I wish President Elect, Sally and Vice President Juliet all the very best for the year ahead which I think will be quite challenging. I hope that all our members stay safe and well during this very difficult time and thank you for the support that you have given me throughout the year.


Stay safe and well.