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Stories of Inspiring Women


Come to Soroptimists Nantwich and District 70th Anniversary Conference 1st June 2019


Nantwich and District Soroptimists Club is 70 years old this year and we are holding an anniversary conference to bring to life our message that we are women inspiring action and transforming the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities. 


We have come some way since the early days when members tended to be the proprietors of local businesses or women involved in local Council work, or schoolteachers and over the years we have had members who were police officers, chemists, pharmacists, a milliner, a farmer, hairdresser, in addition to representatives from many aspects of teaching, health care and the business world. In fact, we are a very diverse group of women from all walks and stages of life. We will hear more about our members, past and present as we get closer to our Anniversary Conference.


The conference celebrates amazing women and we have an inspiring line up of women to talk to us about their experiences in a range of sectors where traditionally men have dominated the leadership roles. Our speakers come from the fields of the law, health, primary schooling and higher education. Their stories are very different, but what unites these successful and amazing women, and many others, is resilience and determination to succeed and achieve their ambitions. We are sure that you will leave the conference feeling excited and enthused to act on the insights that these women can share with you through their own stories. We are especially proud that these women are local to South Cheshire, and we want to create a movement with you all to recognise amazing women within our community, as well as other role models who inspire us. you can read more about our history at History of our Club


We know it is a long time to wait until June, so we are running a series of social media posts to draw attention to amazing women from the same fields as our speakers, and other inspirational women – some historical, some famous and some local women who deserve to be acknowledged so look out for these. We are looking for ideas about who you think is inspirational too, and there is a writing competition running where we will invite you to submit articles to celebrate amazing women. See here for more details. Also, before the conference we will be setting up a Gallery of Amazing Women on our website, including your own suggestions.  This will give you food for thought, and we hope you will engage in debate about what makes women amazing, who your role models have been, and share your stories too. You never know, you might end up in our Gallery!


Register as soon as you can for the conference – we expect there will be high demand for places. Details and links to the application form are on the main Conference page.

Nantwich and District Soroptimists’ 70th Anniversary Conference: 1 June 2019. BOOKING NOW OPEN.


Join us in celebrating women’s impact on our lives. Any woman is welcome