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Nottingham Soroptimist Trust is a Registered Charity, whose Trustees are members of SI Nottingham.  Applications are welcomed twice a year from women who need initial help at the start of their career.

Some young women have indeed been very successful. Isata-Kanneh-Mason, for example was very grateful for the help the Soroptimist Trust was able to give her to support her weekly travels down to the royal Academy for piano tuition.  Having been in the Piano Final in the Young Musician of the Year in 2014, she is now an undergraduate, as well as assisting her younger brother Sheku in the competition this year.  Here she is on the stage of the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham with the trustees of the  Soroptimist Trust having just completed a public recital

Kadie Kanneh-Mason (Isata’s Mother) said: “on behalf of Isata “We have been so grateful to you at the Soroptimist Trust for the support you have already given Isata.  It really has made a difference, and just to know Isata has support and people who believe I her is invaluable”

Another young woman, Georgina Scurfield was given a grant for a professional camera.  “I would like to express my eternal gratitude, elation and complete shock at receiving the grant for my camera.  Thank you so much for giving me a massive kick-start to do what I love for a living”.

Kyeirah D’mami said “I would just like to say a big ‘Thank you’ for grant you made to me last year in order to help me live my dream at Performers College. I had an amazing second year at college and without your help it would not have been possible.” Kyeirah is hoping, among other things, to become a dance teacher.