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Women’s Refuge Support

For a number of years, we have been providing a number of items to Nottingham’s Women’s Refuges. We currently support Umuada, Zola, POW and Broxtowe Refuge.

 The items we provide are:

Welcome Packs: Basic toiletries and essentials for those who arrive with nothing.

Moving on Packs: Mops, buckets etc for those moving from the refuge into their own accommodation.

Food: Tins and packets kept at the refuge to help new arrivals.

In addition, over the years we have been able to undertake larger projects, such as provision of both indoor and garden furniture, a disabled-access shower, and a summerhouse. Club members also helped to create an allotment at one of the refuges to help the women and children get involved with growing their own food.

Christmas is a particularly difficult time for the women and children at the refuges, so we provide what extra support we can at this time, such as presents and funds to buy food to throw a Christmas party. Whilst we will never meet the women and children who benefit from these small but important extra touches, we know from the feedback we receive from the staff that they make a huge difference.