2014 off with gusto!

At our first meeting of 2014 we made lots of plans for an exciting schedule of speakers and charitable causes to support.

Our Programme Action Committee (Enid, Mary, Mavis, Joan and Jean) is working on ways in which we can support Programme Action objectives at both a national and local level.

Our Speaker programme will be developed from a list of suggestions from all the members and the Programme Action Committee. We’ll make the final decisions on 21st January, so keep an eye on the website for updates! We’re still hoping that we can agree a date with Jake Berry MP for him to visit us again to update us on his work in Parliament this year.

The timetable for volunteers to staff a local facility for families was agreed.

Our calendar of social meals was agreed and to top it all the club’s pre-Christmas drive to collect bras for donation to Barnardos to distribute in developing countries was reported as a great success collecting 37 bras that are hopefully supporting women across the world(!)

2014 is going to be a great year for the club! We hope that you will visit us soon!!