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President’s Charity

Celebrating 100 Years of Soroptimism 1921-2021

Last year our chosen charity was ROTHACS – Rotherham Abuse Counselling Service – for which we raised an amazing £4165.

This year’s charity is:


What is CEASE?

Based around the course creator’s personal experience of supporting her best friend through an abusive relationship which ended in tragedy, CEASE is a 4 session educational programme that aims to:

  • Help young people recognise the subtle indications of an abusive relationship
  • Have an understanding of the options available to them should they encounter or witness such behaviour
  • Identify local sources of support and to access services

Create Empowerment And Self Efficacy

 “ A survey showed that 40% of teenage girls would consider giving their boyfriend another chance if he hit them, and one third said that cheating justified the use of violence.”

In short:

To save lives

To challenge abusive views and behaviour

To question negative social norms in youth relationships and support access to those services

CEASE is delivered by REMEDI

Hilary Ratcliffe

President SI Sheffield