President’s Charity

The Snowdrop Project, which is based in Sheffield, is a charity which supports survivors of human trafficking and is a recognised national leader in its field. The Snowdrop Project offers support in a number of ways, taking over once the statutory intervention comes to an end.  Unfortunately, for many survivors of trafficking the 45 days support provided by the government is nowhere near long enough.

For most survivors remaining in this country, there is still a long journey ahead of them before they are able to function independently and normally after the horrors they have endured.  Many also need accommodation, help with learning English, finding employment or further education and some need legal advice and advocacy.  In addition, some have young children who need to be settled into local schools.  The Snowdrop Project helps survivors in all of these areas.

SI Sheffield members were very inspired by what Snowdrop does and wanted to help, so we began by putting on a one off fundraising event and provided much needed clothing etc for the women, as well as gifts at Christmas.  We then agreed as a club that this was a charity worthy of our ongoing support and that it would provide opportunities for all of our members to be involved, so we agreed to adopt Snowdrop as an ongoing charity to be supported year on year.

In addition to the provision of much needed items from toiletries to prams and soft furnishings to furniture, we have also helped with the redecoration of accommodation.  More recently, we were selected by the Purple Teardrop Campaign for participation in their Victim Support Fund project which will result in The Snowdrop Project receiving an additional £6,000 .