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Friendship Links with other Clubs

Swindon Club is delighted to have formed links with Clubs in America and Africa and are hoping to have a link closer to home very soon.

We have a friendship link with S I Surulere (Nigeria). We are always delighted to meet with our Nigerian friends at the annual SIGBI Conference (this year held in Brighton)

There is a joint project that we are pleased is going to continue. We have sent cleaned secondhand hearing aids to S I Surulere for them to distribute to schools for use by children with hearing loss.  We were pleased to receive news that 40 hearing aids were fitted (see photo below) and it is understood that the rest have also been put to good use.

More second hand hearing aids have now been cleaned by Club members and were sent out to Nigeria in March 2011.

Our friendship link with S I Santa Cruz arose through a club member’s sister.  In October 2008 we welcomed a visitor from S I Santa Cruz to Swindon at a coffee morning.  We were pleased to be given a sweatshirt with the American alternative S I logo on it.  We send and receive news letters from time to time.

We invited members from our friendship links to our 50th Anniversary celebrations but unfortunately none were able to come.  We received good wishes from them, however, and a candle was lit in the honour of our Friendship Link Clubs during the formal proceedings.

Surulere Club sent us some beautiful items produced by women and girls they assist.  These were given to our guests at the 50th Charter Lunch.


At the 2016 Federation Conference in Malta we were able to hand over more cleaned hearing aids to S I Surelere for them to use as before to improve the lives of deaf children in Nigeria