SI Newtown Upgrades School Library

On January 20th, 2018 the ladies of SI Newtown excitedly began their upgrade project on the library at El Socorro Primary Government School. Their relationship with El Socorro began during their Literacy Day Project for 2017, when they selected this primary school as the recipient of several boxes of books donated to the school’s library.

With a clear path in mind, the ladies of SI Newtown structured a plan, in two phases, and set out on a mission to Make Reading Fun! Their “Knowledge Is Power” concept was inspired by the mandate of Soroptimists to… Educate, Empower, Enable.

The first phase, on January 20th, was aimed at completing the “Knowledge Corner”—a space for infants to Relax and Read. This space was deliberately done to be visually appealing with bright colours. The club purchased, and installed brightly-coloured interlocking soft foam tiles; added a large bean bag at the corner of the space; painted a wall mural which consisted a huge tree (from floor to ceiling) with brightly-coloured leaves, a butterfly and the words “Reading Is Power”.

On March 17th they completed the library renovation exercise. With buckets of the new room colour, brushes, rollers, indoor scaffolding they moved all the furniture and books, painted the entire library, and added a message  “Let’s educate, empower, enable” at the top of the wall which faces all who enter.

Congrats to the ladies of SI Newtown!  Dignity In Service!

President hard at work
hard at work