Dresses and shawls made for the Gambia

Not really known for their craft work, SI Winchester members have been putting long-forgotten skills to good use.

Dresses and shawls 3 - for web

Club members “modelling” just some of the 136 pillowcase dresses which will be distributed in the Gambia by our sister club SI Banjul.


For more information on the Pillowcase Dress project click here.


Dresses and shawls 1 - for web

Acting on advice none of our shawls were white, the colour of mourning in the Gambia.


Urged by Gerry Godwin, our Regional Ambassador for The BIG Project, we took up our needles to make over forty shawls for premature babies supported by the project.  To find out more about our work for BIG click here.


Dresses and shawls 2 - for web

Julie and Carol with two swaddled “babies”


So many clubs responded to Gerry’s call to knit, by the time we finished our shawls they were surplus to requirements in the Gambia. All was not lost because they were welcomed enthusiastically by the Premature Baby Unit in our own local hospital.