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Learning about Dementia

Members increased their knowledge and understanding of the causes, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments and caring for people living with dementia when speaker Dr Tracey Eddy, Consultant Psychiatrist OPMH spoke to our October supper meeting.

Dr Tracey Eddy speaking to the Club

Tracey described symptoms, explained behavioural and physical changes. She talked through the varied types of dementia and explained the differences. She told members that dementia affects 1 in 14 over 65 year olds, 1 in 6 over 80 year olds and 1 in 3 over 90 year olds.  All members knew of someone amongst their families or friends living with this condition and were able to question Tracey about treatments, medications and strategies for helping to care for individuals.

She advised members that there are steps everyone can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimise chances of dementia occurring.  This includes: stop smoking, have a healthy diet, avoid/reduce alcohol intake, maintain physical activity and a healthy weight, keep mentally active,  be social and avoid head injury.

Pat Abbot thanks Tracey for her presentation