Jane Walker MBE – Purple Community Fund

We were delighted to welcome Jane Walker MBE to our supper meeting on Monday 18 March.

Jane was the founder of the PCF charity starting in the Philippines and has many interesting stories of innovative ideas and ways of tackling the problems impoverished women and families to improve their lives. She was able to give us an update of her charity and how over 20 years she is now embarking on an Upskills programme which allows more people to turn trash into saleable items. The charity now employs the parents of the children it initially started to help and giving people a new self esteem and sustainable future.

The most familiar items created for sale to bring money into their lives is the recycling of ring pulls from drinks cans to make stunning jewellery and bags, some of which we have sold successfully in the past. Many different clubs have taken up this way of raising money for the fund.