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SI Salisbury Charter event

As Mother club to the new SI Salisbury club, members were delighted to attend the Salisbury Charter event on the evening of 3 August.
The club has been the mission of Liz Batten (then a member of SI Winchester) over the last three years. The Salisbury club closed in 2006 so it still had a presence in the town and Liz was keen to enlist new members to carry on the good work the previous club had started.

Imagine how delighted she was after patience and support from SI Winchester that she has recruited 20 ladies committed to the SI Vision and Mission and was able to charter the club.

The event was held in Salisbury Cathedral cloisters, a fitting venue for such an occasion, with the Mayor in attendance. Federation President Sue Williams was there to charter and also many of Southern Region’s clubs and members.

There was a welcome reception with speeches and the Charter, followed by dinner.

You can find more information on their website