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Soroptimists stand up for Women

When it comes to standing up for women, we as a club will do our bit. At present we are sending additional donations to the Winchester Women’s Refuge, the Trinity centre and the Night Shelter. It is a difficult time and many of our charities are suffering from a slow down in funding. 

On a wider scale we have heard that the Purple Community Fund in the Philippines is suffering as the ring pull items cannot be sold in the present circumstances. It is impacting on the international agencies to support the poorest inhabitants as the Government is unable to do so.

Closer to home the COVID-19 self isolation is resulting in increased reports of domestic violence in the home – which should be the safest place right now. This makes disturbing reading and impacts on services which are already stretched and can only respond by increasing online support, setting up emergency warning systems in pharmacies and grocery stores to reach those in need. 

It seems that whatever the crises around the world, the innocent always suffer. Soroptimists work towards the Road to Equality, from FGM to domestic abuse, to supporting women and girls in education. We hope that whatever little we can do will help.