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Supporting Positive Periods for Haitian girls

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, The Winchester and District Club (Textiles Group Project) chose to make donations to The Steve Sinnott Foundation’s Positive Periods Project in Haiti. Just £5 pays for a girl to attend a workshop where she will be provided with the materials and taught how to make sustainable, reusable period pads. These pads allow girls to deal with their periods hygienically and with dignity.

They enable girls to attend school every day of the month, so that girls can maximise their potential at school and have better career options. We believe in empowering girls to benefit from their education whilst menstruating. Girls also learn about the underlying biology of the menstrual cycle and sexual reproduction during the workshops.

Our donations totalled £225 so we are delighted to pay for 45 Haitian girls to attend Positive Periods Workshops. Watch the video to see how girls are learning to use sewing machines and enjoying decorating T shirts creatively as well. This is truly a textiles project where life-skills are developed for future benefit.

Positive Periods Haiti – So far in 2022 – YouTube