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Friendship Links

SI Bristol is fortunate to have established Friendships Links with the following Soroptimist clubs. We have twice enjoyed a visit from Yuko Tsuji from SI Aquamarine Kure, which is situated near Hiroshima, Japan.

Soroptimists from SI Bautzen have visited Bristol. A very pleasant friendship weekend was held and Bristol Soroptimists proudly showed off the city to their visitors. A return visit was made to Bautzen the following November.  A tour of Berlin was made before travelling to Bautzen. Members were very warmly welcomed by Soroptimists and their families at a supper evening. The weekend continued with cultural visits around the interesting ancient town.

Each year, SI Bristol Soroptimists who attend  the yearly conference held in November, have enjoyed meeting friends from our Friendship Links Clubs.  It has been wonderful to catch up on news with our friends from SI Bootle and SI Bangalore each year.

In March 2015, SI Bristol. the oldest club in SIGBI, established a friendship link with SI Chester, as this club became the newest Soroptimist club to be inaugurated.

Aquamarine Kure (Japan)

Bautzen (Germany)

Bootle (UK)

Chester (UK)

Halifax (UK)

Yuko’s visit from SI Aquamarine Kure


SIB -Chester photo
SI Bristol signing SI Chester’s Friendship Link documents
SI Chester signing SI Bristol’s Friendship Link documents