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12th February 2018 – Nikki Peck from the SOFA Project

Nikki started by telling us about the project Shift Old Furniture Around which we know as the SOFA project. They collect good quality furniture and appliances from local households and businesses on a daily basis. The items have to be of good quality as they will be purchased from their retail outlets.

The items are brought back to our premises, and in the case of electrical appliances fully refurbished, before being made available at a low a price and then can then be delivered to the new owners.  They have other activities such as an electrical workshop, an e-bay shop, a flat pack workshop, a sales area and an office furniture operation.  They also work with other local organisations providing work placements and work experience to those who, for a number of reasons, are currently excluded from the job market. They also help those in need by supplying low cost household items through their shop and in partnership with other charities they also supply items free to those most in need.