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100 Years of Sisterhood Bristol Fashion by Marion Reid Book: Book Launch 13th September 2020 just after International Literacy Day

SI Bristol’s Centenary book “100 Years of Sisterhood Bristol Fashion” by our President Marion Reid was launched in Clifton on 13th September.  What excellent timing as each year the 8th September marks UNESCO’s International Literacy day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy.

The book is the history of SI Bristol from its inception as a Venture Club, its amalgamation with the Soroptimist Movement to present day, 100 years of service.  The launch was brought forward at short notice due to forth coming changes in the Covid-19 rules.  It was well attended by Soroptimists as well as local author Jane Duffus.  It is an amazing book not to be missed by anyone interested in the history of Bristol.

The book can be purchased from: or through

What people say

“The story of the Bristol Soroptimists is the story of a number of remarkable and pioneering women, many of whom made – and are still making – positive and lasting differences to the lives of others. Marion Reid’s history of their first century is a meticulously researched account combining of real-life stories of individual achievement and of collective effort. It deserves to make Bristol more aware of how much it owes the Soroptimists.” Eugene Byrne

“If you have ever wanted to make a difference to the lives of women and girls this book is a must. I couldn’t put the book down!” Lizzie Corrigan

“The book is a fascinating account of the birth and development of Soroptimism, first in the form of a Venture Club in 1920’s Bristol and subsequently as part of the global Soroptimist International movement. The history of the Bristol club unfolds through the book with the tremendous amount of pioneering work accomplished by many interesting and capable women, contemporaneous comments, as well as old photographs. It is a testament to the indefatigable research carried out by Marion Reid and the collaboration of so many, to whom we will always be indebted. So much volunteering charitable work has been accomplished by so many committed members of Soroptimist International of Bristol over the last 100 years that it deserves to be much more widely known. I’m sure this book will be an excellent conduit for that.” Ivete Hunt

“As a non Soroptimist I found this book both enjoyable and enlightening. The dedication and commitment of the Soroptimists to woman’s causes was a real eye opener and Marion’s tenacity for research is to be marvelled at. That the story runs parallel to historical aspects of Bristol and its buildings makes it even more enjoyable. A thoroughly good read!” Joyce Poole