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Pairing with SI Weston-super-Mare: Our first event – A walk in Weston Woods

The initiative to link Clubs to support each other during the covid crisis came for our Region.  We were very pleased that SI Weston-super-Mare (W-s-M) agreed to pair with us as we have a long history of working together.  A small working party have been gathering information on projects and activities and both Clubs have already been sharing Speaker Meetings via Zoom.

This was the first “face to face” event that we have been able to organise keeping within the Covid Guidelines where all members from both Clubs could attend. On 20th May where we met in Weston (W-s-M) Woods and Worlebury Camp Iron Age Hillfort – where burials dated back to 385-197BC. Nick, a Soroptimister led the walk and his knowledge of the woods was amazing. We entered the woods from Worlebury Hill and walked through to the hillside overlooking the Old Pier – to our right was Sand Bay and to our left Uphill.  During World War 1 the woods were cleared for trenches and a blue plaque confirms that Dwight Eisenhower along with American Troops were camped here in preparation for the 1944 D Day Landing.

We had such a lovely afternoon, not only did we learn a lot about the woods but we were able to get to know our friends better.  We plan on more walks in the area to consolidate our link.  Many thanks to SI Weston-super-Mare for organising it and to their Soroptimister Nick for making it such fun.