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The challenges for the coming year are those facing most Clubs, mainly two inter-related issues Membership and Impact (principally the PA) locally and wider. Cannock has been remarkably resilient and sustainable – whist losing long standing members also gaining new members which is against the grain of other “Club” institutions today.  I want to continue that trend. New members will be attracted by a Club with high visibility, principally through promoting its PA work and conversely more members provide greater opportunity for increased PA. Fortunately Cannock is well represented in the press due to its press team led by Trish Mellor. I’ve found the executive team to be a determined bunch of people each one going the extra mile. I am thankful for them all to support me in this coming year along with Club members. A special mention for our outgoing PA lead, Kate Young as the PA for her creativity in PA and her technical skill on the websites.My theme for my year is “Women in Power and Women as Victims”. To that effect, I have organised speakers which include Amanda Milling, the MP for Cannock Chase who has been successful in Parliament securing a Parliamentary secretary position and Sue Arnold, the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire, who leads for the Police on tackling crime against women and children.

My main charity will be to continue supporting Pathway since it represents the underpinning principles of the Club. However, I also want to include a new charity called “Action on Puerperal Psychosis” which focuses on women who because of childbirth become psychotic and temporarily insane; tragically killing their child and often themselves. I have had experience of this in my professional life and whilst it is not common it is far from being a rare event and affects women from all social classes.

Special events for this coming year include the Summer Celebration lunch hosted at home, by past President Carole and the International Celebration Cocktail Party hosted at home by me. The Annual Dinner is booked at the Brocton Golf Club where, John White a member from “Select Society- Past Recaptured” will provide entertainment as Henry V111.

I am continuing the tradition of having a motto, which began with President Lynne and continued with President Carole. My motto is “Never stop Learning” you’re never too old about to learn about yourself and what you’re capable of; the world around you and where you fit in it.

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