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Period Poverty (2018 -19)

More than 137,700 girls have missed school in the last year because they couldn’t afford sanitary products. A report of 500 girls aged 10 to 18, showed 7 per cent have been forced to skip school during their period. Of those girls, the average has missed five days of school during the last year. 25% of all school girls have at some point been forced to use tissues or cotton wool, or double up on underwear, as they have not had the appropriate protection.13 % of girls throw underwear away due to lack of supplies. 11 % of girls put their health at risk by using products such as tampons for far longer periods than recommended because they did not have a replacement.

And nine in 10 girls know they’re not alone – as they have been asked by a friend for a pad or tampon because she couldn’t afford to buy her own.

Cannock & District Soroptimists asked the government to provide free sanitary products to young women receiving free school meals.

From January 2020 Schools have been able to access sanitary products for their students on a termly basis, schools decide how to enable the girls to access the products.