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Club Officers 2024-25

President Carole Holdcroft

Be Positive and We Can Soar to the Sky and Reach Our Goals.


Well ladies I think we have had a very successful year with our wonderful Club, we have worked as a Team throughout.

It has given the opportunity to those newer members who have not held office to give it a try and I am sure they didn’t find it too daunting, and I would like to congratulate them all for the excellent job that they have done.

What a busy year we have had

We had fun at the Summer Celebration in the Orangery at Biston Hall, thank you Jackie and her team who had to take their sweeping brushes etc, before they could dress the room. We were entertained by Charles Hanson, who was most informative valuing our varied objects and also made us laugh.

We went to Visit The Hut on the Chase and our host was Lynne Tuckley,  where we were taken back in time. It was very thought provoking experience and made me realise how basic and tough those time were.

Our International Night was a big success, thank you to Trish Smith and her Team, who organised this event,   you ate American Style food and were entertained by Mick Cartright,   I am Sorry I missed it. But I understand a good time was had by all.,

Our Christmas Party was delightful and organised by Trish Mellor and her team, our thanks go to them.  “Lola Lamour” certainly made us join in a sing along and even got people up on their feet dancing, all of our Male guests were especially delighted by her performance.

We had a special Annual Dinner with the High Sheriff Victoria Hawley, who made us laugh and taught us a lot about the traditions of our County and Country .   My thanks go to Jill Gooch and her Team for the wonderful job they all did in making this such a great evening, it’s a tough job and they did it so well.

Some of us visited our Friendship Club Port Talbot  , we were made to feel so welcome and made many new friends  along the way. It was a weekend filled with laughter and fun.

We have had some enlightening speakers,  Judith from Bishton Hall, Sue Baumforth, Paul Bedford and Jennifer Rigby, each and every one of them made us think of times gone by and of things that are happening all around us that have made changes our lives.

We have had a very busy year with our P A Projects

The P A Leaders Trish and Jackie have lead their Teams so well in all the amazing projects that we have done. We thank them so much for all their hard work over the last year and hope they now have a well earned rest, as Tracey Stokes takes on the Mantle of Programme Action Leader. I feel sure that she will lead us and work very well with all her Team Members.

The Club has achieved so much and reached dizzy heights in collecting 30,000 plus books, for The Books 4 Homes  project enabling children to have a book of their own. We also saved these books from being pulped or going into landfill and therefore being a very environmental project as well and saving our wonderful planet.

We have the West Hill Reading Team lead by June Bould, such a worthwhile cause, helping young children to improve their reading skills; I know those of you that take part really get so much enjoyment from this project.

We have hopefully made a difference with the Women’s Safety Project,  lead by Jackie and her team, doing surveys in the Town Centres and also handing out STOP cards locally and also at The Orange Cafe.

We have had so much satisfaction on seeing how the Ukrainian Refugees have settled and most of them going into their own accommodation. A new baby was born, so many changes, but the smiling faces of the children at the Christmas Party At St. Luke’s made me cry within the first few minutes of them arriving. We as a club cannot thank Trish Smith enough for all the hours of hard work that she has devoted to changing their lives.

We have supported SWA and The Pathway Project, in so many ways and also we have incorporated the 90 for 90 Region project in giving them  90Teddies.

We have supported the FoodBank with Christmas Gifts and a monetary donation, we are now collecting Necklaces and Scarves for them.

We have made a start on Rosie’s Plaques which we will complete at Region in June.

All in all We have made a BIG difference to the lives Of Women and Children and at the same time we have had lots of fun, friendship and fellowship. Much laughter,  and many giggles along the way, and I am proud to be a member of such a vibrant Club.

As I take on This year as your President I am humbled and so proud of each and every one of you for all your contributions that you make individually to make our club such a success.

I hope that you will enjoy the coming year, I plan to have a few social events and some interesting Speakers and well as some new projects to work on.

I know I can count on all of you for your continued support during the coming year, My Theme for the year is




Immediate Past Lead Team President: Carole Holdcroft

Secretary:  Lakhwinder Thompson

Treasurer: Trish Smith

Programme Action Officer: Tracey Stokes

Joint Membership Officers: June Bould and Jill Mason

Photo: Outgoing Team President Trish Smith and  President Carole Holdcroft