Club Officers 2019-20

​Photo: Past President June Bould passes insignia to President Trish Smith


Trish Smith

….. President
June Bould ….. Immediate Past President
 Trish Mellor and Jackie Prince Programme Action Officers
Vacant ….. President Elect.
Lakhwinder Thompson ….. Secretary.
Carole Holdcroft ….. Treasurer.
June Bould ….. Membership and Goodwill Chair
Vacant  Vice President
Emma Hodges, Lakhwinder Thompson and Lynne Tuckley (hospitality hostess) ….. Dinner Secretaries
 Carole Holdcroft  Speaker’s Secretary
Lakhwinder Thompson ….. Friendship Links Co-ordinator
Janis Lomas ….. Press and Publicity Officer
Val Jones, Emma Hodges, Janis Lomas ….. Notes/Minutes Secretary.
Janis Lomas Website Officer
Val Jones ….. Council Rep.
Eileen Cryer  ….. Council Rep.
Lynne Tuckley and Carole Holdcroft Council Rep.
Jill Gooch, Janis Lomas Facebook
 All Club Officers serve on Executive but all members are welcome to attend all Executive Meetings
 Pam McGauley  Elected Member of Executive