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Club Officers 2023-24

Lead Team President Carole Holdcroft

Stay Positive, Work Hard and Make it Happen


I have been given the privilege to be the Lead Team President for the coming year 2023 to 2024.  I will not be running the show but will only be leading from the front.

I have a wonderful team to work with and hopefully every club member will each take a part to work by my side.

We have a very dedicated Programme Action team and together we will all make a difference. Our Regions motto is Stay Positive, Work Hard and Make it Happen, our Cannock Club has been doing just this for a number of years.

 Last year’s Lead President Trish Smith said we are all in together and yes we are still in it together and I feel very proud of my fellow club members and their Can Do attitude. Let’s have fun together Ladies while we make a difference to Women and Girls throughout the world.

Immediate Past Lead Team President: Trish Smith

Secretary:  Lakhwinder Thompson

Treasurer: Carole Holdcroft

Programme Action Officers: Jackie Prince and Trish Mellor

Joint Membership Officers: June Bould and Jill Mason

Photo:  Incoming Lead Team President Carole and outgoing Lead Team President Trish Smith