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Get to know our members

Here you can find out more about our members. Starting with Anthea Thomas who has just celebrated being a Soroptimist for an incredible 50 years!

Anthea Thomas 

Anthea joined the Soroptimists in her twenties through a friend that was also a member of the club. She liked the idea of joining an international ladies club, making friends with like-minded women, and thought the aims of helping both women from local communities and developing countries were very good.

Anthea has worked as a civil servant for the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) and also served as a magistrate. Anthea is a very active member of the club, as well as being involved in countless programme action activities, she has also served as Club President and Treasurer.  Anthea’s most favourite project was when the club bought and converted flats to support women with limited means. She felt this was a very practical way to help women and made a real difference to their quality of lives.

Pictured: Anthea Thomas receiving her certificate for being a Soroptimist for 50 years and former Club President Kim Ann Williams MBE

Anthea has said the club has gone through many different periods and eras, but what has kept her a member for so long is the work Soroptimists do, particularly in poorer areas of Cardiff, and the friendships she has made.

Anthea sees the club entering a new era of renewed energy, but thinks to achieve this we need to regain the authority Soroptimists used to have as an organisation, with more representation at the United Nations and more clout at Westminster. Anthea believes that today there are more opportunities for women to enrich their lives than when she joined the club and so to remain relevant and gain more members and momentum, we need to continue to develop an interesting programme of action, be socially inclined and get more involved with local charities.


More member profiles to come…..