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International World Water Day

International World Water Day 22nd March

Each year, we support International World Water Day as near to the date as possible.

In 2018 to mark World Water Day at the club meeting in March, members were invited by organiser Ruth Evans,to guess how many millilitres of water were in her gurgling jug.  Sara Wells was the winner at 270ml.  This was followed by members splitting into two teams and the team that wrote down the greatest number of songs with water or similar in the title were the winners and each team member was given a shower cap!  Thank you Ruth for putting the fun in fund raising for this worthy cause.  

In 2017, a pictorial quiz featuring beaches within a 35mile radius of Cardiff together with dingbats with a water-based theme were purchased by members.  .  The winners were club president Ann Thomas and Joan Williams.  Gifts of a small lighthouse were given to them as their prize at the club meeting on World Water Day 22nd March 2017.  T£72 was raised which will be donated to Water Aid via an event being held in Cardiff on 18th June at the Roald Dahl Plas – Sing for Water 2017 raising money for a project in Ethiopia.

At the monthly club supper meeting on 23rd March 2016, the result of the Water Aid quiz was announced.  Congratulations to the winner Dr Joan Williams.  £75 was raised for Water Aid.  

Water Aid project 2015 –  Photos were taken of water based features in Cardiff such as the Castle moat some taken from obscure angles.  Members were asked to answer relevant questions.  The winner was announced at and event at the Holiday Inn on 25th March 2015.  Congratulations to Ann Thomas (right) in getting all the questions right.  Booby prize of a water pistol went to Liz James for her wrong but amusing answers. Also, thanks to Marcella Price (left) for putting together what was a fun evening where we were invited to taste different bottled waters and to guess where they were from.  To our surprise they did taste different!  In total £335 was raised for Water Aid.

Water project 2014 –  A fundraising event, a White Water Rafting event took place on 23rd March 2014 which raised £600.  The money was given to the Kotu Trust and will be used on a water based  project in the Gambia.  See

Water project 2013

This year’s President’s lunch is on 24th March at Cardiff City Stadium. A percentage of monies taken for the lunch will be returned to SI Cardiff and District by Stadium for the club to allocate to a charity. It was agreed by members that this will be divided between Water Aid and the Kotu Trust to support ongoing water projects.  The amount will be posted on this website at a later date.

Water project 2012

To mark World Water Day in March 2012 SI Cardiff organised a sponsored whitewater rafting event, which raised £1,779 for the Kotu Trust.

The fundraising was so successful that on her visit to The Gambia in April IPP Cathy was able to put in place 3 water projects, rather than the single one that had been planned.

At  Essau, a large compound, where the well could no longer be used, was connected to the new piped water system. The agreement is that neighbouring families will also have access to the water supply.

The photo above on the left shows the people who will  benefit from the new water source with President Cathy back row on right  with the new tap pictured right.

A well will be dug on land recently cleared from bush scrub at Busumbala, so that the family who own it will be able to grow crops for food, selling the surplus at market. It has been difficult to keep fruit trees alive without a regular water supply close by.  Pictured below, a young tree protected from animals and a dead tree.

Water will be piped into a compound at Farato, where the oldest daughter is responsible for fetching water and washing clothes, pots and children – as well as keeping up with her schoolwork. Neighbours will also have free access to the water.


In 2011 we collected £129 for Water Aid at the Farmer’s Market in Cowbridge.