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Toilet Twinning in Chester

Find a Twin For Your Toilet

In 2015 SI Chester promoted Toilet Twinning in Chester. £60 donated gets your own toilet twinned with that in a country where it’s needed.  £60 doesn’t just buy a toilet though – it goes into educating a village or community of the benefits of good sanitation and using a latrine, which leads the community to build and maintain their own facilities. This directly supports the Sustainable Development Goals SDG6:  “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.

The lack of suitable facilities in a community can adversely affect the women and girls of that community disproportionately. Girls can often be unable to go to school once a week out of every month after they reach puberty due to lack of separate toilets (or any toilet), and at night there are additional dangers and threats if a girl or woman has to go into the fields in order to go to the toilet. Obviously the benefits of improved health benefit a whole community, and usually it is the woman who is the care-giver, so if there are fewer illness days the women in the community tend to benefit the most.

We achieved the milestone of helping Chester be an official Toilet Twin City (where a significant number of toilets in the city are twinned).  It’s not too late to twin your toilet – visit for more information.