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Purple Community Fund

This fund offers a pathway out of poverty to children and families in the Philippines, many of whom try to make a living working on dumpsites and in cemeteries.    Programmes managed by the Purple Community Fund (PCF – formerly the Philippine Community Fund) aim to protect the beneficiaries from trafficking, child labour and exploitation. PCF programmes improve the health, welfare and education of children and families as well as offering skills training which enables women to make a living.

Using recycled materials women make a beautiful range of products including handbags and purses made from ring pulls.  Our club is helping the project by collecting ring pulls from drink cans and we are encouraging others in our community (Girl Guides and Students) to collect ring pulls for us.

At the Federation Conference in Cardiff (October, 2017) our President and members highlighted the work of PCF during a short presentation under the theme of ‘Violence against Women’ and we were able to make a formal presentation of ring pulls collected during the year to Jane Walker, CEO of the Purple Community Fund.