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Requests for Funding

Applications for funding

We recognise the financial difficulties that organisations and charities face and would like to support many of the numerous requests we receive. However, with our limited resources this is not always possible.  There is no certainty that applications for funding will be successful. To help us to respond fairly and equitably we use the following criteria:

Our main beneficiaries of funds are decided by our Club each January. Others are dictated by our Programme Action Work.  These can be found on our website.
There is a planned programme of activities to raise money directly for these beneficiaries
All other requests for funding and any general monies raised are considered and distributed according to our Financial Procedures – Distribution of Charity Funds which are detailed below:

Distribution of Charity Funds

All requests for funding are discussed firstly by the Club Officers and then by the club members and an acknowledgement of receipt of the request will be sent by email or letter within one month.

The distribution of the monies will not be historic but be considered annually so that different charities can benefit

Some decisions may be left until the end of the SI Club year (March), and sometimes distribution may be made earlier in the year.

Requests from Young People

For requests from Young People the following criteria will be applied:

Applications will be considered from residents of Chester and surrounding villages.
The project must comply with the 3 E’s – Educate Empower Enable women and girls
It should present a unique opportunity to gain experience that cannot be gained elsewhere
It will lead to personal achievement that will enhance their lives
Applicants should be able to show that they are raising funds through other means and may be asked to assist club members in some aspect of their service work
A decision about the request may be made at any time during the year so that the project can proceed

Applicants should be willing, if requested, to give a short presentation about their experience

If, having read the above, you wish to apply for funding please send us a letter of application of no more than 2 sides of A4 that addresses the above criteria. Do remember that an application for funding does not guarantee that it will be successful.

Applications to be sent by email to our secretary at