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President’s Message

I feel honoured and privileged to have been chosen to become President of Soroptimist International Crosby for 2023-24. The achievements of the wonderful women who have held this position before me will be tough acts to follow.

SI Crosby is engaged in an impressive and varied range of projects (Programme Action), all contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals and offering something for everyone.

I have likened our post-pandemic tumultuous era to observing the world like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in ‘Through the Looking Glass’. Soroptimists have their own unique brand of ‘inner Alice’ – fantastic resilience and adaptability in overcoming the challenges that face us, plus helping others along the way.

In addition to maintaining our long-term projects, I would like to focus some of our effort over the coming year in three areas:

  • to increase awareness of sustainable fashion – the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the lives of women and girls across the world.
  • to support Sefton Baby Baskets – a great local charity operating a sustainable model of providing essentials for new mums and their babies.
  • to investigate the possibility of installing a publicly-accessible Bleed Control Cabinet in the Crosby area.

I am keen to learn more about how we, as Soroptimists, can most effectively use advocacy and lobbying to enhance the impact of our work.

SI Crosby will celebrate the club’s 85th anniversary during 2023 and I look forward to recognising the past and present achievements of members.

Jill Boggan

President, SI Crosby 2023-24







Jill Boggan, President SI Crosby 2023-2024