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President’s Message

Soroptimist Chris Chua-Short
Chris Chua-Short, President, SI Crosby

Soroptimist International (SI) Crosby is part of a global organisation of women from a wide variety of backgrounds, whose common aim is to improve the lives of women and children worldwide through Education, Empowerment and Enablement.

Members of SI Crosby are active in local communities both individually and collectively. We are active in our region and nationally.

2020 sees the dawn of a new decade and, thanks to a little virus with a crown, a new challenge for the club. It is my privilege as President to steer the club through this unprecedented time. I know I have a supportive team to help me.

There are no manuals or guidebooks for any club or any organisation on how we manage our objectives through this period.

We need to do things differently this year. Our main concern is to support our members, our local community and our struggling partner organisations.

Whilst we may miss the company of fellow Soroptimists, we will not miss the fun, friendship and support that has been the ‘glue’ in our Club.

Embracing technology in the virtual world will allow us to be apart yet ‘closer together’. We shall develop innovative ways to have fun doing our projects and continue to support our members and our community.

We reach out to our friendship link clubs across the continents and extend our virtual embrace with fond wishes for good health until we meet again.

We welcome new members looking to improve the lives of women and children through service and projects.

2020 will be a year when we focus on mental health and well-being. We will keep our members connected and supported through appropriate channels of communication within safe guidelines. We support local organisations to provide services that reduce the effects of the pandemic’s restrictions on their members.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” Maya Angelou

In friendship,

Chris Chua-Short, President SI Crosby 2020-21