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You can get involved in Soroptimism in two ways:


Club Membership

Join a local Club, attend regular meetings and events and participate fully in their project work which is local, national and international, whilst enjoying close friendships forged through regular Club attendance.

Crosby Soroptimists meet monthly, at the West Lancashire Golf Club, for a meal and meeting.

Interested in SI Crosby? Just contact us

Associate Membership 

In today’s busy world, we understand that, for a lot of women who support the aims of Soroptimist International,  regular attendance at club meetings and events can be difficult.

However, all is not lost !!

Why not consider becoming an Associate Member ?

Associate Membership is open to women who believe in what we do, want to be involved, but are unable to attend Club meetings. You will learn about our organisation and get involved in our project work to improve the lives of women and girls through our magazine, website, social media and email updates. You will need an email address to enjoy this form of Membership.

As an Associate Member, for an annual subscription fee of £60, you’ll receive:

  • A welcome pack including badge and Membership card
  • 4 issues of Soroptimist News magazine per year
  • Monthly News Briefings
  • The opportunity to attend our annual conference
  • Membership of an international women’s organisation with a network of Members and Clubs across the world
  • The opportunity to learn about and understand the issues affecting women and girls, and build a better world for them

You can also join our online discussion group to connect with other Soroptimist Associates.

Join Soroptimist International as an Associate Member now!