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Crosby Hall Educational Trust

Crosby’s Soroptimists have supported Crosby Hall Educational Trust (CHET) since it was founded.

CHET offers educational opportunities and personal challenges that Soroptimists value so highly.

CHET enables children from all backgrounds to have a taste of country life away from the normal routine. Here they can enjoy a range of outdoor and indoor activities that are not available in a classroom setting.

CHET’s focus is on children’s social and educational development. Many schools from inner-city areas visit the centre every year.

Over the years Crosby’s Soroptimists have supported many children through CHET’s bursary fund. This enables youngsters from families where money is particularly tight to attend with their classmates.

The Soroptimists regularly give practical help at CHET’s fundraising events. In addition two club members are currently Trustees.

CHET provides accommodation and a learning experience in the countryside setting at Crosby Hall, Little Crosby. It is a registered charity, established in 1991.

CHET is a magical place where nature meets nurture, allowing children to experience enriching outdoor activities in a safe and stimulating environment.’