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Toilet Twinning

Si Derby’s project for 2019 onwards is Toilet Twinning.
All members of a family benefit from improved hygiene, but as an organisation that works to improve lives of women and girls we are particularly interested in their plight.

  • The lack of a loo makes women and girls a target for sexual attack as they go to the toilet in the open, late at night.
  • Every year, women and girls spend 97 billion hours finding a place to go. (World Bank)

Our first aim is to make Derby a Toilet Twinned City. This involves us persuading 30 organisations of various types to twin their toilet for a donation of £60, either through us or through the Toilet Twinning web-site, quoting TTC Derby on the address line
To recognise the donation organisations receive a photo of their twinned toilet in a country of their choosing where Toilet Twinning works, with the co-ordinates of its location.

Toilet Twinning funds the work of international relief and development agency Tearfund. Your donation will be used to provide clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education. Mostly the toilets, which are of the pit or ‘long drop’ type, are built by villagers themselves with advice on design from Tearfund.

We will also be fundraising for Toilet Twinning in other ways. We recently ran a ‘Soggy Bottoms Cake Stall’ at the University of Derby and a Tombola at Carsington Water Visitor Centre. On June 29th you can find us at Duffield Carnival

Our efforts are supported by Pauline Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire and Derby’s Mayor Mike Carr.

President Frances with Pauline Latham

With Mayor Mike Carr