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Welcome to the website for SI Epsom and District

Thank you for taking time to visit our site.  Your contact is especially welcome, as very soon we will be celebrating our 60th birthday! We’re a small group of like-minded women at SI Epsom who believe that through practical means … Continued

We Lit up a Village

Flood victims in Pakistan have lights for the very first time, thanks to Epsom Soroptimists. Epsom Soroptimists are delighted that in 2011, their generous aid to the flood victims of Pakistan resulted in villagers receiving solar powered lighting for their homes … Continued

‘Women and their Art’ 2015

  Women and their Art 2015′ at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell was again a glorious mix of work that showcased the prodigious talent of local women artists.  Without the generosity of the participants who pay to hang their work for … Continued

“Do young people really have problems, or just bad press?”

Back in 2012, visitors and Club Members alike were hugely impressed by the presentation by Adele Eastman – Senior Policy Specialist at the Centre for Social Justice.  She led the organisation’s Educational Exclusion work. Adele’s research into why students are excluded from … Continued

SI Epsom’s work in the interest of safety for women and girls

  Human Trafficking Conference Saturday 11th September 2010 Leatherhead Leisure Centre Two of our members had attended an Amnesty International UK evening devoted to the problem of Human Trafficking.  Moved by what they saw and inspired to ‘do something’, the decision to … Continued