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Ukraine – Supporting Lviv


 SI Epsom and District has had a friendship link with Lviv since 2005 and supported them with raising funds for the building of a children’s orphanage.

Since the very start of the war in Ukraine in March 2022, SI Epsom and District has been involved with raising funds for the people in Lviv. Funds were raised at an International Women’s Day celebration for Sutton Women’s Centre in March 2022 through selling paper flowers and Ashtead Rotary Village Day in June 2022 through selling Doves of Peace Badges, paper flowers.

These events plus members, their families and friends, have raised over £5,000 (Oct 2022).  At a Christmas Social ( Dec 2022)  an additional £165 was raised. In March 2023, £2,068  was sent with funds being raised through social events and individual contributions from family and friends. One member involved her local church in raising funds. Please see the latest news and photos: Soroptimist Club Lviv Ukraine – UPDATE 20. February, 2023

You can find out about the work of the UN in supporting Ukraine’s Sustainable Development Goals

Contact with Ukraine by Diana 

I joined a meeting of the Swiss Union officers this morning and got feedback on what is happening with the clubs in Ukraine. 
Because money cannot be sent into Ukraine,  SI Europe is using an account set up by the Swiss Union to collect funds which can then be used through neighbouring countries. Representatives across the border withdraw cash e.g. in Switzerland, then take it back to Ukraine. This is the system we have used previously. Also, the cash can be spent in neighbouring countries such as Poland, as we have seen and goods can then be transported over the border e.g. from Poland.
One of the Swiss Soroptimists has recently spent 3 days in Lviv looking at their work and how the cash has been spent. Members are still working with refugees, in particular with children aged 6-17 from the south east of the country who have lost their parents. These children are ‘paralysed by the situation’ and need psychological support. A good standard of support is provided in Lviv including providing a good background mood, facilities with nice colours and, of course, the outings to the Carpathian mountains we saw earlier this year. One Swiss Soroptimist is in touch with Lviv daily!
Another Swiss Soroptimist has been looking at the money which has gone to the various clubs to get an overview of how it is being spent. There have been considerable donations from clubs around Europe and also funds provided by the SI Europe Disaster Fund which the Ukrainian clubs need to bid for. The projects include SI Dnipro supporting the elderly with blankets, medication and wood for fuel. Kiev is running a trauma project with a psychologist providing workshops to help participants. Power banks are being order from Poland to help with power outages, as well as providing blankets. I think we can be sure that any cash we send to support our sister-club is being well used and spent effectively, with the Swiss Union maintaining an overview of what is happening.

The presentation below was created to show how funds were raised and what support was given to the people in Lviv.