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World Food Day 2020 – Feeding our Communities

World Food Day – Feeding our Communities

World Food Day on 16 October 2020 was a time for the Club  to raise awareness about the impact of the pandemic. Foodbanks were requesting food as there was an increase in the numbers of people unemployed and the subsequent need for food to be provided. School children, in particular, were in need of food during the school half term holiday.

Members donated food and other essential items via their local supermarkets to foodbanks.  Essential items such as tinned vegetables, tinned meat, tea and shower gel were donated. Members completed an online google form which had a list of items they could tick to say which food they had provided. The list stated that there was no need to provide items such pasta or beans as the foodbank was already inundated with these. Members were offered collection of items if they were unable to travel. Information about World Food Day was placed on the Club website and social media.  This included the google form and members of the public and Soroptimists from other Clubs, were encouraged to donate. One local foodbank was informed about the work of local Soroptimists and World Food Day.  Four members donated food and other essential items. One member collected items from another member and delivered to the local foodbank. One member donated money to Mid Surrey Community Fridges. Another member decided to set up monthly donations of £10 per month to her local foodbank. People were directed from social media to the Club website and in the week leading up to the collection of donations, the Club website received 97 page views .

If you wish to find out more or  donate to your local foodbank,  please go to:

Here is a video of a foodbank which appeared on Sky News during the first Lockdown in 2020. It  very much  highlights the increased demand for food during the pandemic.