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Our Friendship link clubs

SI Llandudno & District have four Friendship Links with whom contact is frequent, mostly by e-mail. E-cards are sent to the Link Clubs to mark an anniversary or special day in the Soroptimist calendar i.e. an UN Day and club newsletters are exchanged.

SI Pendleside, Lancshire- a few members often attend our Charter lunch and our club correspondent attends theirs.

SI Bombay Chembur, India in SIGBI who we contact when possible at SIGBI Conference and when one of our members visits India.

SI Belvedere, Vienna, Austria and SI Starnberg-Herrsching, Germany, both in SI Europe.

Members of SI Llandudno have visited these European clubs twice; those to SI Belvedere incorporated visiting the Vienna Christmas markets. A member represented our Club to celebrate the 40th Charter of SI Belvedere in 2010 and a visit was arranged to celebrate their 50th Charter in June 2020.  Due to the pandemic, the celebration was postponed, hopefully it will take place in June 2021.  Members from S.I. Belvedere, S.I. Starnberg-Herrsching and S.I. Pendleside came to our 50th. Charter Celebration.  Members also visited SI Starnberg-Herrsching, to celebrate their Charter Anniversary and at another time the visit coincided  with the October Beer Festival in Munich! During this visit we went to Oberammergau and other places in Bavaria.

From 2006-2009  we had a  joint project with SI Belvedere. The project involved raising money for the Women’s  Hospital in Cantermir, Moldavia to provide essential bedding, towels ,uniform and equipment. Through contacts by members of SI Belvedere, who were involved as members of some of the UN Committees held in Vienna, further essential medical equipment was made available which enabled the hospital to be staffed and open throughout the year. Hitherto the hospital was only able to function for part of the year.

During the pandemic, we held Zoom meetings with SI Bombay Chembur and also with SI Belvedere Vienna- screenshots below